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Our library has a shelf for recently returned books, and that is where I find much of my reading material.  When I saw there was a book about homeschooling, I had to grab it.

Quinn Cummings is an Oscar nominated actress who is now also a popular blogger.  She and her partner have one daughter, Alice, who is exceptionally bright but struggles in math.  Cummings details Alice’s many different turns in many different schools before Cummings makes the radical decision to begin to homeschool her.

I was amused by Cummings initial fears because they were fears I had when I began homeschooling Bookworm.  She worried that her daughter wouldn’t learn anything, the she was ruining Alice and her future by homeschooling.  Cummings worried about the socialization process.

In truth, Cummings floundered the first year, which led her on an adventure to explore the many, many different ways to homeschool.  Cummings explores unschooling, the Quiverful movement, and conservative Christian homeschooling, just to name a few.  She experiments with putting Alice in a home-based charter school.  In between, Cummings gives the history of the homeschooling movement.

In the end, The Year of Learning Dangerously is a book about the homeschooling movement as well as its explosive growth and an analysis of the various homeschooling philosophies.  At times, poor Alice seemed like her mother’s guinea pig, and at times, I wondered if Cummings really was interested in homeschooling or if she simply homeschooled Alice so she could write the book.

Still, Cummings is funny, and this book is a humorous look at homeschooling.

3.5 stars out of 5 on the Mom’s Plans scale.

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