UPATE:  Thanks for your votes!  I have moved up to #35, but I still have 10 more spots to climb.  I need all of the votes you can give.  You are able to vote every 24 hours.  If only 25% of the readers who read this blog every day vote, I can make it to #25.  Please help me once again become one of the Circle of Mom’s Top 25 food allergy bloggers.  

Last year I was chosen to be one of Circle of Mom’s 25 top food allergy blogs, and honor that I was so grateful for and truly appreciated.

This year Mom’s Plans is nominated once again, so if you have a moment, could you go here to vote?  You can vote every day through October 17th.  Thanks!

(This post will be at the top of the blog until voting is over.  Please scroll down for more recent posts.  Thanks!)

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