100_5177We’ve just completed one quarter of our homeschooling year.  Nine weeks down, and tons of confidence gained.

We’ve tried quite a few different curriculums and products just in this short time, and already it’s very clear what works for us and what doesn’t.

Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum

I was disappointed to see that Before Five in a Row just didn’t work for my girls.  I had visions of snuggling with the girls to read a good book and explore it in depth, but it turned out that didn’t work for either girl.

Instead, we jumped right into My Father’s World Kindergarten program, and that has worked beautifully.  Peanut Butter and Jelly Girl just turned five, and she is loving it.  She’s so eager to learn, and she reminds me every day when it’s time to do school.

Cuddle Bug is only 3.5, so I have her participate, but some of the material is too hard for her, so I don’t push it.  We just do what she’s able to do.  I’m not sure yet if we’ll repeat the curriculum for her next year or find a different program.

4th Grade Curriculum

My favorite part of Bookworm’s schooling (and his favorite, too) is Sonlight’s Core D for history and literature.  We’re reading so many good books together and learning so much.  We both look forward to history and literature every day.  I plan to use Sonlight for him at least through the end of middle school.

While Sonlight can be a bit pricey, I’ve partly gotten around this by purchasing the readers on Amazon using Swagbucks.  I’m able to get most of the readers for free that way, which I love!

For the rest of his curriculum, we’re using Kolbe Academy.  The former teacher in me loves that I turn in grades every quarter and that Kolbe houses his report cards and transcripts.  We enjoy most of the books, especially Saxon Math 5/6.

Throughout Bookworm’s academic career, he’s always been a bit weak in math.  As his grade level increased, this problem grew because if he didn’t understand a concept, the class and teacher couldn’t wait for him to understand.  However, now that he’s homeschooling, I can spend extra time on his math, and we can work on a concept until he gets it.  I know some people don’t like Saxon because there is so much repetition, but for Bookworm, it’s just what he needs.

Finally, I realized that we’re going to homeschool year round.  Between quarters we plan to take 2 or so weeks off, and then we’ll also take breaks to travel with my husband when he goes to conferences or when I have a conference.

My kids love school and get bored without some structure.  Plus, year round schooling guarantees that Bookworm won’t have 3 months to lose the math we’ve worked so hard for him to learn.

Do you homeschool?  If so, what curriculum do you love?  Do you homeschool year round?

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