When your kids are very small, you think they’ll be little for ever.

When you’re exhausted from another night of getting up every two hours, you think you’ll never sleep through the night.

When the older ladies at the store tell you to enjoy them while they’re little because the time goes too fast, you nod and appreciate their sentiment, but, honestly, you don’t quite know what they’re saying because every day is so BUSY with just caring for a little one.

The days are long but the years are short.

I’m now beginning to realize just how true this is.








Bookworm is now 10.5 years old.  In just 7.5 short years, he’ll be ready for college.

PB & J Girl is 6.

And Cuddle Bug, our baby, isn’t such a baby anymore.  In April she’ll be 5.

They’re growing up so quickly!

My Word of the Year for 2015 – BALANCE

In the last few years, my life has gotten out of balance.  I spend more time working than I would like.  I’m not there for my kids as much as I’d like, though to be honest, I love them to bits and want to be with them all.the.time.

In the last few months, my work load has grown, as have my other responsibilities.

Time is very short, and for the last few months, I haven’t really been happy with how my time is being spent.

Every morning, I drive my husband to the bus since we’re a one car family.  I’m usually back home by 9 a.m., and then I have to leave by 5 p.m. to pick him up.  That gives us 8 short hours to get everything done–take the kids to extracurricular activities, fix dinner, homeschool three kids, squeeze in some of my own work, clean.

It’s just not working anymore.

How I Intend to Find BALANCE

So, how do I plan to restore balance in my life?

I’ve already taken steps to cut back my workload, and I’ll probably continue to do so for the next few months.

DH and I started in November to live on his income alone.  It’s VERY tight, but I don’t want to rely heavily on my income and feel like I have to work so many hours just to make ends meet.  It’s better to simplify our living and live with less.

I plan to carve out time to do some of the activities I enjoy and that relax me.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve been able to do any of my hobbies.

Most importantly, I plan to devote more time to homeschooling.  Since we moved to Arizona, I don’t feel like we’ve found a really good rhythm, especially since I had to focus so much on my work.  The girls are being homeschooled now, too, so there’s more work to do than there was last year when I was only teaching Bookworm.  Both girls are learning to read, so I want to make sure that I give them a strong foundation.

Finally, I’m going to work on saying “No.”  Too often, I quickly say yes without realizing how much time is involved, and then I find myself bogged down.

What is your word for 2015?

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