Cuddle Bug and I continue to cruise through the Heroes of History series by YWAM.

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Our most recent book that we completed is William Wilberforce: Take Up the Fight by Janet & Geoff Benge.  Though this book was more political than many that we’ve read so far, I did enjoy it, especially since it teaches such a strong lesson on the benefits of tenacity, even when it seems like the desired result will never occur.

William Wilberforce grew up with parents who were strictly against Methodists.  However, when there is family turmoil, they send young William to go live with his aunt and uncle, who are strict Methodists.  Not surprisingly, William because interested in their religion and becomes a staunch Methodist himself.  This leads his mother to yank him back home and forbid him to do anything more with the religion.

William eventually tosses his religion to the side and embraces a life of luxury.  He is very bright, but all he does in college is go to parties.  While he is having a good time, his life is a bit shallow.

But then he meets William Pitt, and the two vow together to enter politics.  Their plan works better than either of them could imagine; in fact, William Pitt is prime minister for decades.  Early in his career, William Wilberforce finds religion again and with his new passion, sees the immorality of slavery.  He tries to pass an anti-slave bill, but it is not successful.  William doesn’t give up and brings a measure every year to eliminate slavery.

Wilberforce is against great opposition, but I respected that year after year, he kept trying.  Getting discouraged would be so easy, but William does not give up, and eventually, decades later, he’s finally successfully in eradicating slavery in Great Britain.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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