This post contains affiliate links.  You may have noticed in my recent goals posts that I’ve become a little frustrated with my weight loss (or lack thereof).  I feel like I give up a lot of the time and don’t have much willpower.  In fact, a few weeks ago, I decided to do my own thing to try to lose weight.  Doing my own thing resulted in a four pound gain.  I wish I could tell you that the situation was unique, but last year I tried to do my own thing for several months and ended up gaining 10 pounds.  My own thing does not work, which is why I’m staying with MyWW and switching to green.

Why I’m Staying with MyWW and Switching to Green

I was doing one of my Faithful Workouts the other day, and Michelle, who owns and runs Faithful Workouts was leading the workout.  She bluntly said to the camera, “Quit saying I can’t.  We always say ‘I can’t’ when we should really be ‘I won’t.’  It’s not, ‘I can’t work out;’ it’s ‘I won’t work out.'”  Ouch.  She said exactly what I needed to hear.

That got me to thinking (again) about MyWW (Weight Watchers) vs. Paleo.

The bottom line is that NO plan will work if I don’t deal with my compulsive and emotional eating.  So, the question then becomes, which plan is more sustainable for life?  Simply put, the sustainable plan is MyWW where no food is off limits, but splurges must be planned for to make sure there are enough points.  I really don’t think I can give up white potatoes, rice, GF bread, and all of the other carbs for life on Paleo.  So MyWW it is.

Why I’m Switching from the Purple to Green Plan

Why I'm Staying with MyWW and Switching to Green
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I’ve been thinking a lot about my weight loss journey.  I’ve come up with a few truths for me:

  • If given the opportunity, I will ALWAYS choose grains over fruits and vegetables,
  • I hate to exercise (though I’m doing better this year)
  • I eat way too many desserts, even if they are “healthier” desserts like dates and walnuts chopped together.

I realized even though I joined MyWW last February, I never followed the plan.

  • I didn’t track my points consistently.  I tracked when I was “doing good,” and abandoned the plan the rest of the time.
  • I’m supposed to get 21 Fit Points a week, but with my resistance to exercise, I usually got 2 to 4 Fit Points a week.
  • I thought MyWW wasn’t for me because I’m not into subbing out real sweeteners for artificial sweeteners, and I can’t make things like the infamous two-ingredient dough (because it contains gluten and dairy) that so many MyWW members love and rely on.

After this contemplation, I decided to switch from the more flexible Purple Plan (which has 300 zero point foods but fewer points per day) to the highly structured Green Plan (which has 100 zero point foods but more points per day).

Why the Purple Plan Didn’t Work for Me

Even though I was delighted when the Purple plan was announced, I realized it gave me too much freedom.  I could very easily choose potatoes and rice instead of my fruits because they were all the same–zero points.  Second, I could literally eat a full day’s worth of food with zero point foods, and then I could eat my points on top of that.

I need to switch to Green because the way I eat is broken.

  • I don’t know what a reasonable serving size is.
  • I rely to heavily on carbs.
Why I'm Staying with MyWW and Switching to Green
Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

I’m hoping that Green will teach me how to eat like a thin person.

I’m also planning to improve my chances of success by using my extra points in a day not to have some “healthy” but high point sweet (though I may do that once or twice a week), but instead to use them to eat nutritious higher point foods like avocado and walnuts.

All of these reasons are why I plan on staying with MyWW and switching to green.  I plan to take you along with me on this journey.  I will also share some what I eat in a day posts.

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