Our old house had white trim, and we loved the look.  Our new house has wood trim, and we can’t decide–white or wood trim?

Old House

Our old house had white trim everywhere, and we loved how fresh it made the house look and feel.  (After the photographer took pictures of our house, I went through and put a new coat of white on all of the trim, which made it look even better.

New House

I’m not a huge fan of wood trim.  I think it looks a bit outdated, but I know some people really love it.  We doubt our new home will be our forever home, so we’re looking to make improvements to make the home more liveable for us and to also increase the resale value when we move.

Although this picture isn’t the best, you can see the wood trim throughout.  (I’d take a better picture, but currently we have many boxes still waiting to be unpacked, so that will have to wait until later.)

Buying a House in New York State

So, what is your take?  White trim, or wood trim?

Do you think it’s worth the time to sand down all of the wood boards and paint them white?

When you buy a house, which do you prefer–white or wood trim?

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