I knew May was going to be busy, but I didn’t know it would be so busy I wouldn’t have time to blog! If I had known, I would have let you know. So, here’s what’s been going on in our little corner of the world:

My Daughters and Their Cousin Went to Prom

Prom was early in May, and their cousin wanted to come. We drove 3 hours to pick her up and three hours back to our house. The girls had a great time, and they were happy their cousin could stay for 8 days.

We took her on several homeschool field trips including Niagara Falls to ride Maid of the Mist (unbelievably fun!). They also went to the mall to shop, played mini-golf, and spent a lot of time chatting.

The Girls Competed in Tech Wars

Our homeschool group joins public schoolers to compete in Tech Wars. This year, my girls competed in the cardboard boat race. They and four of their homeschool friends built a cardboard boat, and then the girls and one of the other people rowed in the competition. The good news is that their boat didn’t sink. (Some teams’ boats sunk almost as soon as they put it in the water.) However, their rowing needed some work, so they placed in the middle of the pack.

They also competed in Rube Goldberg machine (first place since they were the only team to enter that category, lol), bridge making and logo design. (PB & J Girl won first place for her logo design.)

Tech Wars is a great learning experience and a fun activity, but there are hours of behind the scenes work for the kids to meet with their friends and build their structures like the boat and the Rube Goldberg. These activities were definitely a time suck for the first half of May.

We Got New Cats!!

I like to have two cats, but after my mid-30s, that hasn’t happened much. Our current cat is 14 years old, so I planned to wait until she passes before I got more cats. However, I LOVE yellow female cats. My cat that I had from the time I was 16 to 33 was a yellow female, and she was the BEST cat.

I subscribe to our local shelters FB page, and when I saw these two bonded females, I had to have them! Not only is one a yellow female, but the other was also a female (we wanted to adopt female cats), AND they look a lot like our cats we previously adopted who were male.

A yellow and a gray cat sitting in a shelter cage.

The cats were from a hoarder home, so they were a bit shy. Plus, the yellow one had a respiratory infection. Per our vet, we can’t introduce them to our older cat until she’s off her medicine for at least 10 days because we don’t want to make our older cat sick.

We kept them in our master bathroom for about 3 days, and after they adjusted to us (which required hours of us sitting in the bathroom with them), we moved them to our son’s room since he’s in college in Michigan. They’ve been in that room now for about 4 days, and she finishes her medicine today. So, 10 more days until the big introduction!

Whew! All in all, it’s been a busy several weeks. However, our homeschool group activities are done for the year now, so my husband and I are hoping that life slows down a bit and that we have a chance to breathe (and get back to a normal blogging schedule).



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