As you’ve probably picked up from my on-going addiction fight with chocolate and my revelation of a significant weight gain since going off Paleo, my health recovery has not only stopped, but started to slide backwards.

3a31422ebb54496fac941d688c728039It started roughly 18 months ago when I decided I could handle a little bite of chocolate after almost two years off of it.  (I initially went off chocolate because it made my heart beat faster after I ate it, and I didn’t like the feeling.)  When I tried chocolate, my body had recovered enough that I had no effect.  So I ate a little bit more, and then a bit more, and pretty soon, I was eating chocolate every day.

At the same time, my husband and I were trying to cut our grocery budget, so I went off the Paleo diet.  I started eating beans (which I had really missed), white potatoes, white rice–you know, all the cheap, starchy fillers.  And it took about a year before problems started cropping up.

Around last December, my heart started to beat faster when I ate white rice, so I stopped.  Then, it started to beat faster when I ate chocolate.  Not my beloved chocolate!  My heart normally beats about 65 to 70 BPM, but after eating chocolate, it went up to 90 BPM.  If I ate chocolate in the evening I couldn’t sleep at night.

08f357aa442c4b46a20c12d5c5658f25Then I noticed it beat faster when I ate gluten free grains or white potatoes.  Basically, all refined, simple carbs were making my heart beat faster.

But recently, things started to get really scary.  One night, after I’d had a late evening snack of sausage and diced potatoes (and several pieces of chocolate eaten earlier in the day, my heart raced up to 115 BPM and stayed there for about 1.5 hours.

But the last straw was on June 8th.  I got home at lunchtime, ravenous.  I ate two pieces of chocolate on an empty stomach (big mistake!), and then I had a lamb patty, homemade french fries, and broccoli.  By the end of the meal, my heart was racing at 135 BPM.  I got so scared that I packed the kids in the car, and we went to the library just in case anything happened to me.  I wanted to be around people.

My heart did settle down, but I was finally REALLY scared.  My body has been speaking to me quietly for over six months, but I ignored it.  It took my body screaming before I finally listened.

ca10387801dd44e59647d8d062589f30So, today is my 5th day off chocolate and white potatoes.  I’m back on a strict Paleo diet, and I intend to stay on one for the long haul.

I don’t know why my heart races like that with certain foods, but it times to listen and give it what it wants, which is nutritious, healthy foods.

Have you needed your body to scream at you before you finally took healthy action?

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