Those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile may remember our Murphy-filled fall last year.  This fall, we are being bombarded not by Murphy (at least not yet), but by unexpected fees and expenses.

Within the last week, I have learned that my husband will have to pay more than $600 in fees because he is registered for zero credit hours.  We have had to pay the fees before other semesters when he didn’t take classes, but I had thought since he defended in mid-September that he wouldn’t have to register for the semester, but I was wrong.

Of course, we are waiting to be reimbursed more than $1600 from the conference in Washington that my husband just found out in the beginning of August he was required to attend and present at. 

My husband will be going to another conference in October in Montreal.  This one will only be partially reimbursed, so I anticipate at least $500 to be paid out of pocket.

We had to pay $300 to get passports for our youngest two as now a passport is required to go into Canada, but honestly, we should have had their passports long ago.  My husband’s entire immediate family is still in Japan, and we all need passports in case something happens and we ever have to make a trip to Japan quickly.

A repair on our car (a converter shield?) that we have put off for several months now needs to be completed.  That will be around $250.

My son is set to make his first communion in the spring, and when I attended the informational meeting last night, I was told there is a $125 fee for that.  Several of the parents questioned it, but we were told an itemized expense sheet will be given.  The fee is to cover things like religious education books and a small party they have.

Lastly, my son is required to buy a school-logo dance shirt for dance, which is another $20.

On the one hand, I am having a great month as a freelancer this month, luckily.  Also, my husband is slated to get a raise when he starts his post-doc position, so that is good.  However, I think we will still have to dip into the emergency fund, and I don’t like how low it is getting.  Also, I really want to attack our debt, but it is not happening this month with so many unexpected expenses.

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