Two years ago, I took the Real Age Test and was dismayed to find that even though I had just turned 40, my Real Age was 42.3!

Since then, I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight and changed my eating habits, eliminating all processed foods and eating 7 to 10 fruits and vegetables a day.  I decided it was time to take the Real Age Test again.

In just a few short weeks, I’ll be turning 42, but this time, my Real Age came back as 41, a year less than my biological age.  Yeah for lifestyle changes!

If you have 15 minutes, take the Real Age Test.  Afterwards, you’ll get recommendations for lowering your Real Age.

In my case, I need to still lose more weight, exercise more, and get enough sleep.

Now that I have turned the big 4-0, yes, that is correct, I am trying to take better care of myself.

Have you taken the Real Age Test?  Were you younger or older than your chronological age?

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