My son has a two week Hawaii theme at school, so, as part of the pantry challenge, when we cooked up the ham I had bought on sale at Christmas time, my  husband decided to create a Hawaiian sanwich for lunch.  He put lettuce, cheese, ham slices and pineapple. 

My son helped him create the sandwich and was excited about eating it  until it was time to eat it.  Then he decided pineapple on a sandwich is not his thing (can’t say I blame him!)

So, my son and I have agreed to pack his lunch at night.  We are going to go basic peanut butter and jelly.  Maybe we will try to make it into a cute shape.  🙂

My husband loved the Hawaiian sandwich.  On the side were pretzels and apples.

To see some amazing cute lunch box ideas, visit What’s For Lunch Wednesday.

(We are using our Easy Lunchbox system for lunches.)

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