As I mentioned in last week’s “What’s For Lunch Post,” we are trying to get away from processed meats.  This lunch was a yummy replacement. 

We placed one Crab Cake on a few leaves of lettuce on a whole wheat bun.  On the side we packed apples and Chez Cocoa Somersault Snacks.  (These are my husband’s new snacking favorite.)

My son started a new school yesterday that, get this, does not have a hot lunch program.  I am so excited about this development as he begged me incessantly for hot lunch at his old school, and I was not pleased with the expense or the less than desirable foods.  (I say less than desirable for an adult, not for a 6 year old!)  I think I let him get hot lunch 4 times in the two months he was there.  Now, no more begging because there is no hot lunch.  I love it!

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