It has been a bit of a struggle to get my son to eat his veggies at school, so my husband created a peanut butter dip with raisins in it to use for pear and apple slices and celery and carrots.  He also packed some little sausage links for protein and a homemade banana muffin for carbs.

Surprise, surprise, my son loved it and ate the whole lunch.  I think the key to overcoming this lunch box struggle with my son is to vary his lunches daily, and, as many of my readers have suggested to me (thank you!), allowing him to make some choices about his lunch.  I have also given in a bit and bought him a few snacks for a treat sometimes, like the dreaded processed cheese food and crackers that come in the little packages.  I wouldn’t choose these for him, but since it seems important to him and some of the other kids bring them, we bought them for a treat once in a while..

For more great lunch box ideas, go to What’s For Lunch Wednesday.   (We used our Easy Lunchbox for this lunch along with dipping containers from a Chinese take out meal that we washed for reuse.)

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