I love potatoes, but we frequently buy 5 lb. bags that go bad. (Unfortunately potatoes entered my food waste repertoire two weeks ago.)

Ten pound bags of potatoes were on sale at my grocery store for $1.99, so I really wanted to take advantage of the deal, but I didn’t want to buy them just so they could eventually make it to my food waste pile.

Here are three things I did with all those potatoes to make sure they don’t go to waste:

First, I took 12 potatoes and sliced them into thick slices. I followed this recipe for Once a Month Cooking Oven Potato Wedges. I seasoned them with onion dry soup mix, and they were yummy. We ate some for dinner the night I prepared them, and the rest our in the freezer waiting for a busy night.

Next, I prepared Stuffed Potatoes Primavera from my Holly Clegg Freezer Friendly Meals cookbook. We have made these before and frozen them for several months; they are very good reheated.

Finally, I did some research on how to properly store potatoes as half of my five pound bag went bad two weeks ago, and a few readers also gave me suggestions.

First, I learned that it is BAD to store them in the plastic bag they come in because air can’t circulate. I had 8 potatoes left after all of my cooking, so I took a brown paper sack, cut holes in it for air circulation and put the remaining potatoes in there. Now I know to check them every week or so and take out any that have sprouted. Hopefully this will be the end of my potato waste, and we have some yummy potato side dishes in our freezer waiting for us.

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