We left a few days early so we could enjoy Colorado before I attend the Savvy Blogging Summit.  It has been an eventful trip so far. 

We have never taken a vacation with all three of our kids before.  Travelling with a 7, 2 and 1 year old has definitely been challenging.  It took us 3 days to get out to Colorado Springs.  We were just past Omaha, Nebraska late Sunday afternoon and planning to drive several more hours when traffic on the highway came to a dead stop.  We didn’t travel more than a mile in 90 minutes.  After that, we decided to stay in Lincoln.  On the news that night we found out the reason for our delay–unfortunately, a suicidal man had been waving a gun at a rest area and cops had followed him onto the highway.  After a stand off, he later killed himself.  The highway was closed for 6 hours; we caught the tail end of the delay.

Today we arrived in Colorado Springs only to find that there were very few hotel rooms available.  After an hour long search, we finally found one.  Tomorrow we are planning to enjoy some sites around Colorado Springs.

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