Last year, thanks to my blog readers, I learned about CSAs (community supported agriculture).  We have now received CSA deliveries for 17 weeks (3 more weeks to go), and I have learned quite a bit about food, myself, and history.  Here are some of the things I have learned:

  1. I like more vegetables than I thought.  Before subscribing to a CSA, I only ate beets once, out of a can, and they were disgusting.  Now, between the two CSAs, we get beets at least once a week.  I probably still wouldn’t go to the store to buy beets, but I don’t mind them.  Our favorite way to eat them is Harvard Beets and Beet Pancakes.  My two little ones like beets because they like the way their tongues turn red.  My son, well, he is still learning to like beets.
  2. Many vegetables have multi-purposes.  I learned that many veggies such as radishes and beets have two edible parts—the vegetable itself and the leaves.  These veggies offer a two-for-one bargain.
  3. Maybe life on the prairie was not as romantic as I thought.  I grew up reading and watching Little House on the Prairie.  One time I collected rain water to wash my hair because that is what they did when I watched John Jakes’ North and South.  I was busy all summer preserving our extra vegetables, mostly in the form of freezer meals for the fall, but also with some canning.  I had the convenience of air conditioning and a gas stove.  I didn’t have to grow the large garden and tend it (though I would like to when I have a house), and I have the convenience of a refrigerator and freezer.  I think pioneer woman must have been exhausted every day.  J
  4. Eating in season makes me feel closer to the natural rhythms of life.  We loved our little cherry tomato plant and will look forward to their bounty next summer.  Sure, I have the luxury of buying tomatoes out of season at the store, but they won’t taste the same!  We are learning when vegetables are truly in season and eating them (and preserving them) at their peak of ripeness.

What do you must enjoy about growing your own garden or subscribing to a CSA?


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