I’m back on WW Green Plan after going off for a few weeks to try my hand at the Whole30.  While I failed at the Whole30, I did lose weight while I was on it, and, more importantly, I reset my eating habits so I crave less carbs and sweets, which is always welcome!  I thought I’d once again share what I eat in a day on WW Green plan with you.  I loved all of the food that I ate this day!

What I Eat in a Day on WW Green Plan

What I Eat in a Day on WW Green Plan {Gluten Free, Dairy Free}


I almost always eat some variation of this meal for breakfast.  I was switching things up with oatmeal, but I’m currently intolerant to it.

What I Eat in a Day on WW Green Plan

2 eggs – 4 pts.
1 Simple Truth breakfast sausage – 2 pts.
apple slices – 0
roasted carrots – 0

Total for breakfast – 6 pts.


What I Eat in a Day on WW Green Plan

I am not a big salad person, but I do like them sometimes.  On this day, the family was having tacos for lunch, which I can’t have because I’m intolerant to corn, so no corn taco shells for me.  I opted instead for a nice, large, taco salad.

For the taco meat, I used 6 ounces of ground beef, one can of black beans, one diced red pepper, 1/2 cup salsa, and spices and divided it by 6.  I took 1/6th, which was 3 pts.

Even though this picture has avocado on it, I ended up not eating the avocado because it was really hard.

Lettuce – 0 pts.
Diced tomato – 0 pts.
Roasted, diced sweet potatoes – 3 pts.
Taco meat  – 3 pts.
1 TBSP Daiya shreds – 1 pt.

Total for lunch – 7 pts.


I ate lunch around 11:30, and I didn’t eat dinner until 6:30, so during those 7 hours in between, I had two snacks.

Snack #1

What I Eat in a Day on WW Green Plan

One important lesson I learned from Whole30 is to eat more healthy fats and less sugary sweets.  This snack reflects that.  Even though walnuts cost a lot of points, I like to eat some every day.

Banana – 0 pts.
2 TBSP Walnuts – 3 pts
1 TBSP Raisins – 1 pt.

TOTAL for Snack #1 – 4 pts.

Snack #2

I didn’t really want to use any points for snack #2 or to fill up too much because I ate this snack around 5 p.m., so I opted for a small bowl of grapes.

What I Eat in a Day on MyWW Green Plan

Grapes – 0 pts.

TOTAL for Snack #2 – 0 pts.


I love our family recipe for Iranian Kebob, but it’s pricey with points.  I purposely chose breakfasts and dinners that were lower in points so I’d have the budget for this meal.

By the way, my mom loves to mash all of her food together, and that’s the way I grew up eating this dish.  It’s not pretty that way, but it tastes good.  For reference, I’m also including a picture of what it looked like to serve the whole family before it was mashed.  🙂

And then, the picture of how I ate it:

What I Eat in a Day on WW Green Plan

Iranian Kebob – 10 pts.
Brussell Sprouts – 0 pts.

TOTAL for Dinner – 10 pts.

TOTAL for the Day – 27/30 pts.

I’m allowed 30 points a day, so I finished the day at 27 points and 3 rolled over to the next day.

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