In order to succeed on WW Freestyle, I have to incorporate this program into my life.   I thought one fun way to do that would be to sometimes share with you what I eat in a day.  This is what I ate my first day back on the program, July 8, 2019.


Thanks to my weekend meal prep, I had:

2 Ham and Egg Cups (2 pts.)
1 oatmeal muffin (2 pts.), and
2 slices of apple & 2 slices of pears (0 pts.)
TOTAL:  4 pts.

We thought the Ham and Egg cups were just okay.  I’d make them again for traveling or if my husband was out of town, and I needed to cook breakfast.  (He always makes breakfast, and he does a much better job than I do.  I tend to like grab and go type foods because I’m not a morning cook.)

I left all of the sugar out of the oatmeal muffins, dropping  the points from 4 pts. per muffin to 2 pts.  Sweet!  I didn’t miss the sugar at all.

Lunch & Snacks

We were out of the house almost all day, so I brought enough food for my lunch and snacks:

Baked Chicken & Peppers with Black Beans (2 pts.)
Simple Mills Almond crackers (4 pts.)
applesauce (0 pts.)
grapes (0 pts.)
carrot sticks (0 pts.)
3 No Bake Chocolate Nut Brownie Bites (6 pts.)
Oatmeal Muffin (2 pts.)
TOTAL: 14 pts.


1 cup Taco Rice (10 pts.)
Brusell Sprouts (0 pts.)
Total: 10 pts.

Here’s a funny (not funny) story:  I had the Taco Rice in the Weight Watchers app as having 8 one-cup servings.  Then I portioned it out for myself and my family and discovered it only had 5 one-cup servings!  What I thought was a 6 point meal actually was a 10 point meal.  I guess my love affair with Taco Rice needs to come to an end.

Oh, at the end of the day, I was still hungry, so I had a big bowl of watermelon, not pictured here.

DAILY TOTAL: 28 pts.


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