100_5177Alright, this is one of those posts where I reach out to the readers to help.

You might know the tradition some have at a wedding shower where the older women who’ve been married for quite some time write down their best piece of marriage advice.  It might be something like, “Never go to bed angry” or “Be willing to compromise.”

Well, I’m asking for advice similar to that.  We’re going to start homeschooling in just 4 short weeks.

I’m excited and so nervous.  I’m also thankful that all my kids are so interested in learning.  They like to learn, and that will hopefully make my job easier.

I’ve spent the last few weeks ordering books and choosing curriculum, and we’re mostly set on that front.

However, as the time draws near, I’m starting to panic a little about getting everything done.


There’s much to do!

  1. Because of our food intolerances, I have to cook everything from scratch.  That takes a lot of time, and all that cooking creates quite a few messy dishes and pots and pans.
  2. I freelance, staff write and do virtual assistant work about 20 to 25 hours every week.
  3. I’ll have three kids homeschooling–a 4th grader, a preschool/kindergartener, and a preschooler.

So, moms, what are your best time management tips?

  • How do you keep the little ones occupied while working with the older kids?
  • What chore system works best for you?
  • If you work from home, how do you get it all done while still watching the kids (and homeschooling them if you do that)?
  • What’s your most valuable time management tip?

Give me what you got.  I need all the help I can get!

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