Our modern, go go go!! busy society is flooded with advertisements for convenience foods, which are high in sugar, fat, and preservatives.   Many of these products are directly marketed to kids.  (The happy, dancing cartoon boy in the Pop-Tart commercial comes to mind.)  However, these products are also advertised to parents.  (I love Nutella’s new commercial.  Nutella has a “hint” of cocoa and is a great way to get your kids to eat whole wheat bread.) 

I must confess I have had my fair share of Nutella, and I had Pop-Tarts every weekend as a child growing up.  However, my husband and I have become more concerned with our own health as we age, and we have noticed that our son in particular has trouble behaving after eating sweets or processed foods.  We joke with him that he is “sugar intolerant.”

If you watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution this past spring, you may have been shocked as I was that many elementary school kids can’t identify common vegetables.  My son is not quite that bad, but, like most kids, he would pick junk food over healthy food any day.

My husband and I have decided to embark on a process we like to call, “What Are Our Kids Eating?”  We hope that our kids will learn where their food, both natural and processed, comes from and why it is best to make healthier choices.  We have several “activities” planned with our son to make learning these lessons fun.  (And I am sure we as parents will learn quite a bit too!)  I plan to share them all here.

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