For our first experiment of our What Are Our Kids Eating project, we will focus on teaching our son about popular lunch food. 

We have weekly What’s in Our Lunch Today posts, but we struggle to make our son understand why we try to pack homemade healthy lunches, mainly because he sees his friends eating store bought pre-packaged food at school. 

It is relatively easy to feed kids healthy meals at home.  We do once a month freezer cocking, and Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals and Robin Miller’s Quick Fix Meals give us ideas for quick healthy meals for dinner.  However, as Jamie Oliver demonstrated in his ABC show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, it is difficult for kids to make a smart choice, if majority of kids in the school are eating junk food.

I thought that when he began his new school that does not serve hot lunch at all, his begging would end.  (He begged endlessly for hot lunch; he wanted it every day.)  However, he still begs, but now it is for white bread, Lunchables, Uncrustables, etc.  He recently started arguing that he wants to pack his lunch by himself, so he can eat things he wants.  His idea of an ideal lunch is a sandwich on white bread with Goldfish and Oreo cookies.

 We decided to do a food decomposition experiment with popular lunch food in the same vein as  Morgan Spurlock did in Super Size Me with the experiment with McDonald’s French fries.  In our experiment we are going to use four items:

  1. Lunchables Ham and Cheddar Cracker Stacker – comes with lean ham, Kraft cheddar cheese, crackers made with “5g whole grain per serving,” and Vanilla crème cookies (Expiration date : 1/17/11)
  2. Lunchables Extra Cheesy Pizza – comes with pizza crusts made with “8g whole grain per serving, Kraft cheese, pizza sauce, 100% fruit juice, and Airheads blue raspberry candy (Expiration date : 1/15/11)
  3. Uncrustable Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Sandwich
  4. Cheetos – Crunchy (Expiration date : 1/11)

We started the experiment 11/7/10 around 6:00 p.m..

Lunchables have to be stored in refrigerator and Uncrustable have to be stored in freezer.  During the experiment, the foods are stored at room temperature (around 70 degree F) in the kitchen (the most humid room in the apartment).  We placed each food in a plastic baggie.

We will be updating our progress weekly both here in a post on the blog and on our new You Tube channel.  You can see the introductory video here:

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