We continue to struggle a bit with out son and his lunch ingredients. We seem to have reached a happy compromise by getting him veggie chips and fruit roll ups from Trader Joes. He has also convinced his dad that he likes simpler lunches. ๐Ÿ™‚

Around the web, I found a few interesting articles pertaining to kids’ lunches.

The first pertains to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution show that aired last year, “Jamie Oliver Attacks Krafts Lunchables – A First for Network TV“.

Also, Trent from The Simple Dollar wrote a post about Taco Bell’s current fight against the lawsuit that says their taco meat is not at least 40% meat.ย  He linked to an article, “Fast Food Standards for Meat Top Those For School Lunches.”ย  The article says that meat that is rejected by soup companies as below their standards is used in school lunches.ย  Once again I am glad my son does not have a hot lunch program at school.

Here is an update on our decomposition experiment.

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