My husband and I have started a project with our son to try to teach him about processed food versus natural food.   One way we are doing this is by showing our son just how slowly processed food decomposes.  You can read our week 1 report here.

I missed posting this last week due to the holidays.  In week 2, we started to see some mold on the Uncrustable, but by week 3 it was disgusting.  I was actually impressed to see that the Uncrustable molded fairly quickly.  Despite the long list of ingredients, it was fairly perishable. 

The rest of the items are still in suprisingly good shape.  The lunch meat is starting to have some brown spots, but after almost 4 weeks, it still hasn’t decomposed in the manner that I had expected.  Likewise, the bread and cheese still look like they are in good shape.  This is after nearly 4 weeks in a 70 degree apartment.  You can see our week 3 video here on You Tube.

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