Sorry I haven’t been posting as regularly on the blog these last couple of weeks.  That’s because we’re moving from Arizona to New York, and the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity!

Photo by Sean on Unsplash

Why We’re Moving

When we originally came to Arizona, we planned to stay for three to five years.  That was enough time for my husband to finish his post-doc work and to get enough experience to apply for another job.  We never planned to stay so far from family for so long.

When the pandemic hit, we were unhappy to be 1,800 miles away from family.  My husband started seriously applying for jobs and made the final round of interviews for several companies.  However, he wasn’t chosen for those jobs, and he was glad because each position was missing something that he needed to do his job successfully.

Life Has Been a Whirlwind

In March, he found and applied for a job in New York.  Almost immediately, he felt like he was being recruited rather than applying.  This company clearly wanted him, and, best of all, the company had everything he needed to do his job.  He flew to New York in May for his interview.

In June, he signed his contract, and we drove 2,200 miles from Arizona to New York to look for houses.  We didn’t find anything on that first trip, so we went again two weeks ago.  We stayed for a week and found a house.

The house hunting was quite an adventure.  I’ll write a separate post about that!

In between the two trips to New York, we packed up 90% of our house and put our house on the market.  It sold in three days, and we had multiple offers to choose from.

We’ll be out of our home in less than two weeks, and in August, we’ll be on our way to start our new lives in New York!

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