If you are stopping by via Money Saving Mom, welcome!  I am glad to have you here and hope you take some time to look around.  Here are a few things I have to share:

As you could tell by my guest post, I love cooking, especially cooking meals ahead so I don’t have a stressful evening preparing our dinner.  If you are interested in freezer cooking, I have a section devoted to that.   Also, we are now a dairy-free and soy-free family as my daughter and I both have intolerances.  If you do to, use the search bar to find some of our favorite dairy-free and soy-free recipes.

My husband and I have begun our journey to become debt free.  We have a long road to go as we have to pay off student loans and credit card debt, but since we have become gazelle intense about 10 days ago, we have “found” over $600 to apply to our debt.  I plan to document our journey to become debt free weekly.  You can find our first summary here.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

For my regular readers, check out my guest post on Money Saving Mom, “How to Make Freezer Cooking Work When You Have a Busy Schedule.”

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