I think for the last two years I’ve had exercise regularly on my goals list, but it never happened.  I always had excuses—the three kids were home with me, so I didn’t have time, or I was too busy to exercise.  Blah, blah, blah.

We all know the old excuses.

As a blogger, a lot of pitches come in my inbox, but one piqued my interest.  Denise Austin, who I used to exercise along with when I was in my teens and twenties, has an online program, 10 Week 360° to get healthier.

The program has several components that will lead to a healthier you.  They include:

  • Let’s Move!
  • Let’s Eat!
  • Let’s Motivate!
  • Let’s Team Up!

The Warm Up Period

Before you start the 10 week program, you first have a one week warm up period.  I did this last week.

The warm up includes:

  • Starting weight and measurements and your goals
  • Find your fitness level (there is a quiz you can take to find your appropriate exercise level)
  • Find your calorie level (Most people default to 1200-1400 calories. 1500-1700 calories is for those who are under 40 and following the more intense exercise program; 1800-2000 is for men who are following the program.)
  • Add a profile picture (for when you comment in the forums)
  • Pantry clean out.
  • Shop with me.
  • Exercise equipment checklist. (The equipment is minimal—2 to 5 lb. hand weights, yoga mat, a chair, and a pillow.  At the advanced exercise level, you’ll need to add an exercise ball and resistance cords plus hand weights over 8 lbs.)

The 10 Week Program

I’m only a few days into the program, but so far I like it.  The first day had a 40 minute walking workout that I could easily do in my bedroom.  Participants are encouraged to exercise 6 days a week and take Sunday off.

I’ll keep you posted over the next few weeks and let you know how it’s going.

Do you always make excuses about exercising?  How do you get yourself motivated?  What exercise is your favorite?

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