We took a 2.5 week vacation from homeschooling, and apparently, my goal setting went on vacation, too. Now, we’re back on a regular routine, so I’m back to setting goals.  However, this week I’m trying to set specific, attainable goals.  I want to check off everything next week.  Here’s the plan:

This Week’s Goals

Here’s what I plan to accomplish this week:


  • Spend three hours cleaning the basement and listing items around the house to sell.


  • Take the kids to the library at least once this week
  • Read at least 3 books to the girls a day
  • Do at least 15 minutes of ABCMouse.com with each girl 2 to 3 days this week
  • Have Bookworm practice his multiplication math facts on K5 Learning at least 15 minutes every day
  • Read 200 pages this week
  • Watch a movie with my husband.
  • Declutter the livingroom heater & the kitchen heater & freezer


  • Put up 2 reviews and giveaways this week
  • Write 5 staff writing and freelance articles this week
  • Delete 200 e-mails from my e-mail account
  • Add a Pinterest-friendly picture to one of my most popular posts on the blog.
  • Do one month of my business accounting.

Long-Term Work Goals

These are items that I don’t expect to finish completely this week, but I’m listing them here as a reminder to myself and would like to finish them within 3 to 4 months:

  • Organize the recipes on my blog
  • Finish my blog redesign
  • Finish my writer’s website
  • Get a newsletter up and running
  • Do my accounting books for July, August, and September
  • Research new areas where I could freelance.  (My income is composed of 3 revenue streams, and over the last 5 months, 2 of those revenue streams have proven to be highly unstable.)
  • Update my blog categories

What goals do you hope to accomplish this week? I shared this post on Money Saving Mom.

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