We’ve been living at our vacation rental for 1.5 weeks now, and we’ll probably be here for at least another 2.5 weeks.  Living in limbo like this makes it a little difficult to set goals, but I’m giving it my best shot!  Here are my goals for the week:

This Week’s Goals


  • Find gap insurance.  We’ll be without health insurance for 2 to 4 weeks before my husband’s insurance at his new employer kicks in.  I need to find temporary health insurance in the next few days.  Any suggestions?
  • Call around to choose companies for our utilities.
  • Choose & have my husband sign up for his new retirement plan.
  • Research and pick from the three health insurance plans he has to choose from at work.


  • Do 5 days of homeschooling with Bookworm and the girls.  
  • Read at least 3 books to the girls or a few chapters of our Little House on the Prairie book a day. 
  • Do at least 15 minutes of ABCMouse.com with each girl 2 to 3 days this week.  
  • Read 50 pages in the book I’m currently reading.
  • Spend time discussing with Bookworm how he wants to decorate his new room.
  • Look for paint for the girls’ room.
  • Begin planning what plants I want to grow in the fall.  (It’s so strange to me that the garden growing season here starts in September versus winding down as it is in Illinois around this time.)
  • Find a primary doctor and a dentist as well as a doctor for our food intolerances.
  • Cut my son and husband’s hair.
  • Do one fun, touristy thing this week.


  • Put up 1 review and/or giveaways this week.
  • Write 6 staff writing and freelance articles this week.  (I got behind with the move, so I’m hoping to get caught up.)
  • Have at least 2 of my own blog posts written and scheduled for next week

Do you make weekly goals?  If so, what are yours?

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