It’s been awhile since I set goals, and I missed it.  Just like I feel unorganized when I don’t have a menu plan, so, too, is it with weekly goals.  I’m hoping for a more productive week now that I am setting out my goals.

Here’s what I accomplished last week:

This Week’s Goals


  • Revise the budget and balance it.  (This seems like a never ending process as we try to get closer to living on my husband’s income alone.)
  • Have a brief budget meeting (no more than 10 minutes) with my husband.
  • Have 3 No Spend days


  • Get up by 5 a.m. every day this week.
  • Do 5 days of homeschooling with Bookworm and the girls.  
  • Empty the two boxes we still haven’t unpacked in our bedroom.
  • Clean off our dresser.
  • Read a chapter/story in each of the 3 Advent books the kids and I chose. 
  • Make a list of things I’d like to accomplish while my mom is here.  (She’ll be here for a month, so I’m hoping to get a lot accomplished and to go some fun places with her.)  


  • Write 2 posts for my blog.
  • Write 2 reviews & giveaways for my blog.
  • Write 5 posts for those I work for.
  • Break down my work load by week so it’s distributed more evenly.  (Right now, the end of the month is always so busy–a nightmare really.  :))

Do you make weekly goals?  If so, what are yours?

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