I love freezer cooking, but lately, it hasn’t been the best fit for our family.  (Argh!  Can you believe I said that?)  I love, love, love freezer cooking, but maybe for this season of our lives, it’s not working.

Big Freezer Cooking Session Problems

In recent months, I’ve run into some difficulties with freezer cooking:

Blows the Budget

First, I tend to have a big freezer cooking session like I did in January, and that costs a lot of money and tends to wreck that month’s grocery budget.

Meal Boredom

Second, my kids are getting tired of the meals in our freezer cooking rotation, so in a sense I’m wasting money.  Even though the meals are in the freezer, I have to take a few months off from cooking them up because the kids are bored with our choices.  That means there is food in the freezer, but I have to wait some time to use it.

Too Busy

Third, about three nights a week, we’re so busy and get home so late that unless the freezer meal is a slow cooker recipe, I really don’t have time to cook up pasta to add to a pre-made meal.

What is a mom to do?

Honestly, I’ve been struggling with Weight Watchers (not losing weight, but thanks to Weight Watchers, not gaining any weight like I did in the summer and fall, so I guess that is progress).

When I had my tooth pulled and had some down time, I started watching some people on YouTube, many of whom do weekend food prep so they have everything ready to eat during the week.  A light bulb went off.  Maybe that is the secret I’ve been missing!

This past weekend, I took some time on Sunday and had a small weekend meal prep.  I made Turkey Burgers, Chalupa Salad (for dinner Monday night), and sloppy joes (one for the freezer and one for dinner on Wednesday night).

It was a small start, but I think this weekend meal prep may work.  This upcoming weekend, I plan to have another weekend cooking prep.

Do you take time on the weekend to prep a few meals, or do you cook on the fly each night?  Or do you having freezer cooking sessions?  If you do all three, which do you prefer?