This weekend, I actually did bulk cooking for foods that we will eat during the week with just a tiny touch of freezer cooking.  Maybe that means I’m improving.  But still, my freezer stash is getting low, and I don’t like that.  I made need to make some more freezer meals soon.

My mom and I are following Weight Watchers’ Simply Filling plan, so I cooked foods that fit within that program.

My mom isn’t big on protein for breakfast like our family is, so I made her

Easy Healthy Banana Oat Pancakes

No one else really cares for them, so they’re in the freezer now for whenever she wants them for breakfast.

I also made her Banana Oatmeal Jam Muffins.  The whole family liked these, so we’ll definitely be making them again.  (I made two batches, but you can see not that many made it into the photo!)

For dinner for Monday night, I made Weight Watchers Meatloaf, and for dinner Tuesday, I browned some ground beef.  On the night I served it, I mixed some salsa with it and we had corn tortilla tacos.

I also made ground beef and sweet potatoes, which I like to eat for breakfast or for a snack.

Finally, for the freezer, I made more Paleo Chili and packed it in individual lunch size servings.  I love how this chili is brimming with vegetables!


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