I’ve designated Sunday as a bulk cooking day/weekday meal prep day.  I tried meal prep last weekend, and it worked great.

Since this Sunday was Easter, I only did a small bulk cooking session.

Last week we tried Tilapia Fish Burgers (made with cod), and we loved them.  I decided to make a second batch and freeze them so I could use them for quick lunches for myself on the weekdays.  They froze and reheated beautifully, so I’ll definitely be making more of these.

Then, I was out of Fluffy AIP Biscuits, so I made some more.  I eat two of these in the morning with a slice of bacon and an egg over top.  I also sometimes eat one alone with jam for a small afternoon snack.

This upcoming weekend, I plan to have more time to cook, and, hopefully, a bigger meal prep session.

I know that several of you also do weekend meal prep.  What are some of your favorite recipes and favorite places to get meal ideas?  Looking for suggestions!


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