As those of you who read my blog this fall know, my son had a serious issue come up at his old school, and I was not at all comfortable with the way the principal handled it.  (Basically, he wanted to hide the issue as much as possible and not let all the parents of the children who were affected know about what happened.)  As a parent, this made me uncomfortable enough to pull my son from the school. 

Because of what happened to him and changing school in the middle of the semester, my son has had some behaviorial issues since then.  We are working with him, and his meltdowns, as we call them, are getting better, but on Christmas Eve, he had three major meltdowns. 

 My husband and I were so exasperated that we purposely didn’t give him all of his Christmas presents from us on Christmas day.  (We gave him about 75% of his presents.)  Instead, he had to earn the rest by exhibiting good behavior such as listening and not having meltdowns.

He got to open the first present we didn’t give him for Christmas on the 26th.  On the 27th, he and his sisters opened their presents from their godparents.  He didn’t get a present today, but he and his sisters still have presents from their grandparents that they will open later in the week.

While we did this initially to drive a point home to our son, we have all rather enjoyed stretching out the gift opening.  Even my son has enjoyed it.  He can look forward to another surprise each day and he has time to play with what he gets before he gets another present.

My husband and I have decided for next year for all of our kids to give them half of their presents on Christmas Day.  For the rest we will have them open one a day for the week after Christmas.  Works for me.

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