I mentioned a few months ago how many benefits there are to joining your favorite restaurants’ birthday clubs. In addition, you should also take the time to join their e-mail club and sign up for their Facebook page.

If you join their e-mail club:

-you are often given exclusive deals just for club members.
-many restaurants give you a discount or freebie just for signing up, Stagger signing up for e-mails because these freebies have an expiration date of 2 to 3 weeks after you join. If you join one every week or two, you will always have a deal you can take advantage of.

-you are notified first of new sales. For instance, I was e-mailed Chili’s new $20 for two deal almost two weeks ago, and we already took advantage of it.

On Facebook, your favorite restaurants often offer contests or giveaways or notify you of upcoming specials.

It takes a few minutes to sign up, but it is well worth it for the money you save!

(I started a list of the freebies you will receive when you sign up for a restaurant here. It is by no means complete; I will be adding to it weekly.)

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