b4bc7b2090fd459c8ea2d289d238a7feDental costs can often slip the mind when considering a health care budget, but thankfully, there are some ways to handle this reality without spending a fortune. Below are three ways to get the most from your dentist while using your insurance plan to eliminate costs altogether.

Schedule frequent dental appointments

It might seem like an odd way to reduce your overall dentals costs, but increasing the number of visits to your dentist per year can actually end up lowering your overall insurance payments. I now go to the dentist 3x a year for cleanings.  By routinely receiving dental health care you can make sure your gums and teeth stay as healthy as possible. Think of it as reducing your risk of having more costly operations like fillings.

When cleaning your teeth, a dentist can check you for signs of gum disease or indicators of cancer and, of course, decaying teeth. Like with many diseases, catching dental ones early is beneficial to your health and wallet. A dentist can even inform you of indicators for a problem that may develop in the near future. These indicators can tell a dentist whether you might have habits such as failure to floss daily. The dentist can then teach you methods of preventing or even reversing these signs through healthier habits.  Your dentist is simply the best person to speak with about any and all dental health problems and so by regularly going to checkups you can be sure to avoid excess expenses from poor dental health and costly treatments in the future.

Choosing the right dental insurance plan for you

Whether you are single and in your early 20’s or starting a family, choosing the right insurance plan can greatly diminish the cost of your premiums and monthly payments. For singles, some may be found for as little as $10-20 a month.

It is important that you understand what exactly you are looking for in a dental insurance plan. For example, those who have never had a cavity or understand that the reason for getting the insurance is largely preventative, can choose a dental plan that is tailored for these needs and save in the process. However, if you are frequently in need of fillings, purchasing a plan that includes these operations will save you more down the line.

Furthermore, if you are shopping for a family, you may be able to save by seeking plans tailored for families that will lower the overall cost of insurance by reducing the costs per individual. Most insurance companies want to encourage this as it raises their total revenue. By understanding what you or your family is specifically looking for you may just decrease your total costs on insurance.

Keep Searching

One upside to shopping for dental insurance is that there are so many options. So don’t just simply buy into the first one you come across, keep looking and find the plan that is truly best for you and your family. Use the internet and consider all factors including budget, benefits and coverage.


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