Five weeks ago I made a list of things I would like to accomplish around the house before the baby is born. I made pretty good progress until I was put on bed rest last week. At any rate, here is the final tally of what I was able to accomplish:

Clean our bedroom and rearrange the furniture so there is room for the baby. This is partially done. We were able to give the room a good cleaning, but it is still a work in progress and NOT finished. Hopefully we can finish it when we come home from the hospital.

Clean out our small dresser to make room for the baby’s clothes. Done.

Clean our living room book case. The bottom two shelves where my 16 month old daughter can reach are very neat and full of her books. The upper three shelves are a cluttered mess, and now that she is growing taller, she is starting to reach up there. I can just see everything falling on her head. This is done. I wrote about it here. What a difference!

Clean our entry way. Not done. I am hoping this is something my mom would like to tackle when she comes here to help after the baby is born.

Write several freelance articles. Not done.

Make at least 15 freezer meals for after the baby comes, which should get our freezer meal total up to 20 to 25 meals. I am so happy this has been accomplished. These freezer meals have been wonderful the last few days.

Declutter the house. I set the goal of getting rid of 200 items, which I easily accomplished, but I still need to declutter more this summer. Take a look at the difference in our kitchen!

List all of my son’s outgrown summer clothes on eBay and sell them all. I did list them all on eBay and managed to make $121. Yeah. Only 5 items of clothing (out of about 30 listings) did not sell.

Most importantly, decide on a name for the baby!!!! We have narrowed it down to two names. I don’t think we will be able to pick the actual name until a day or two after she is born, though we are leaning more strongly toward one than the other.

Just an FYI, I know my posts the last week or two have been heavy on baby material. Rest assured, my posts coming up will be back to normal and not so heavily focused on the baby.

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