23595ec1f0be4a3db11ea40c92ce6364The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of chaos, as is to be expected.

Scheduling the Movers

We booked the movers for July 10th, but then dear hubby, who is under considerable stress at work and while preparing for the move, felt certain that there was no way we could move by July 10th.  I cancelled the move at his request and rescheduled it for July 17th.

Then, the moving agent in Arizona called and said that there was no way we could move until late July because there are too many moves planned from the Midwest and there were no trucks available.  Say what!

When I asked for our July 10th appointment back, she said it had already been cancelled.  Panic ensued.

A few days later, a different mover called back to say that we could indeed move on July 17th.  Whew!

Finding a House

Meanwhile, we have no house to move into.  The house we fell in love with when we visited Arizona in May was bought by an investor who now has the house on the rental market.  I could cry about this (but I haven’t!) because I so loved the house and could see us living there quite happily.

Then, a few weeks ago, we found a house that was gorgeous (and a bit too upscale for us, I must say), and priced just right.  Too perfectly, actually, because the house was on the market for less than a week before someone snatched it.

The Contract Debacle

And us?  Oh, we can look at houses all we want, but we can’t put in any offers because we still don’t have a contract from my husband’s employer.  My husband has filled out an application and completed a background check, but the contract is still ever elusive.

We both refuse to move out there without a contract, so we’re hopeful that the contract will come this week.  I’m trying to keep my panic level at a minimum because if the contract doesn’t come through in another 8 days, we’ll have to reschedule the move and likely won’t be able to move out to Arizona before August.

Breathe.  Just breathe.

Bleeding Financially

Meanwhile, on the financial front, I’m sad to report that we once again have credit card debt.  We spent $1,500 when we went out to Arizona for a week in May.  My husband’s employer *should* reimburse us, but as we don’t even have an employment contract yet, well, the reimbursement hasn’t happened.  That trip is just sitting on our credit card.

Meanwhile, we wanted to finish up all of our doctor’s appointments we had been putting off because it’s always hard to find new doctors in a new place.

My husband saw a podiatrist for a foot issue he’s had for at least 5 years.  She prescribed cream that cost $160.  Yowza!

I had a plethora of tests done to check my vitamin and other levels as well as another food intolerance test.  I also had a test done to see if my internal candida overgrowth is gone thanks to my 3 month regimine of a very strict diet and Nystatin.

My husband and I both had physicals and I had an annual gynocological exam.  My husband had an eye exam for the first time in three years and had to get new glasses.

Yep, we’re bleeding money.

I never planned to move this far away; it’s been an adventure for sure!  I have newfound respect for those of you who move frequently or are in the military.

Tell me, have your moves gone smoother or worse than our move is going?

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