3e7859f6fa4b42238ee0cc56610f9328 (1)My husband is scheduled to begin his new job in Arizona on August 15th.  We’ve been frantically preparing and counting down the weeks until we move out.

The Contract Still Isn’t Available

We’ve been waiting patiently for his contract to come through, but so far, nothing.  The waiting is killing me!  However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  He got a message on Friday that the contract should be ready for review this Monday.  Let’s hope we have it signed by mid-week.

We Lost Our Dream Home

Meanwhile, after meeting with our financial advisor and comparing the cost of rental properties versus the cost of buying a home, we’ve decided to take the plunge and buy our first home.  Even with taxes, home owner’s insurance and a mortgage, we’ll pay up to $300 less per month than we would renting a house.  I realize that this is not the whole story as we’ll also be responsible for repairs and maintenance.  However, we’ve never owned a home before, and now that we’re in our forties, the time is right.

We found a house that we loved that was very reasonably priced when we visited Tucson in May, but the house sold just last week.  We couldn’t bid on it because we didn’t have a signed contract yet.  🙁

We’ve found another house in the same neighborhood with the same layout that would also work for us.  I don’t like the interior design as much, but now that they’ve dropped the price by $11,000, it’s almost as reasonable as the one that we loved.  I’m really hoping this one doesn’t sell before we have a chance to buy it.

How Did We Get So Much Stuff?

While my husband is hard at work doing his job, presenting at conferences, submitting papers, and taking a summer class, I’ve been packing and decluttering like a madwoman.  Seriously, how did we get so much stuff?

I’ve donated quite a bit, but I’ve also taken the time to sell things.  I’ve sold:

  • the girls’ outgrown Gymboree clothes,
  • baby gates,
  • homeschool books we’re not using,
  • baby accessories like sheets

So far, I’ve raked in $600 by selling this stuff.   What I want to know is why was I holding onto baby gates, a crib, and baby girl clothes as small as 12-18 months?  After all, my “baby,” Cuddlebug, just turned 4!

And I still have more stuff to sell like the kids outgrown bikes, a filing cabinet, and some more clothes and homeschooling books.

When we move, we’ll literally get a fresh start because we will have paired down our belongings by more than half.  The emptiness will be nice.

So, that’s where we are in the moving process.  I’ll keep you posted over the next couple of weeks!

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