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As I’ve mentioned numerous times, we’re way too busy this semester.  There are so many good opportunities available to the kids that I overzealously seized too many of them, and life has felt out of control since January.  I’m eagerly anticipating mid-April because that’s when half of our obligations will end.  The rest will end in mid-May.  Then I’ll finally be able to breathe!

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Have you ever had something come into your life at just the perfect time?  That’s how it was when I was given the opportunity to review Unstuffed: Decluttering Your Home, Mind, and Soul by Ruth Soukup.  It just spoke to me during this too busy season of life.

Not Just Decluttering Your Home, But Decluttering Your Life

This book IS about decluttering, but it’s about so much more than decluttering objects from your home.  While I will use this book to help me declutter my home in a systematic way, where I really appreciate this book and plan to take it to heart is when it comes to decluttering your schedule.

This quote, especially spoke to me:

“But here’s the truth: A busy life is not the same as a meaningful one.   Athletic, successful or talented children do not make us more important.  Activities, obligations, and commitments do not make us count.  If we’re looking for the answer to our frustrations, despair, and hopelessness in a full calendar, we will never find it there.  In fact, quite often, the fuller our calendars become, the emptier our hearts feel.”

The book contains a quiz so you can determine how much is too much when it comes to activities and commitments.  Bookworm and I failed miserably.  Soukup listed a variety of symptoms where being too busy may manifest itself–physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and practical.  The two areas where we were both affected were emotional and spiritual.

Other Areas of Focus

Besides writing about decluttering your home and your schedule, Soukup tackles one other place in your life where to may need to unstuff–your soul.

In this sectin, Soukup looks at friendships and how important they are to your well-being.  She talks about when to ditch a friendship and how to cultivate nurturing friendships.  What I wish she would have also written about is how to MAKE friendships.  Once I got married and had kids, I no longer made new friends.  Now that the kids are older, I’d love to have some close friends, but I just don’t know how to go about it.  While it may be intuitive to some, making friends is something I really struggle with.

Soukup Is So Honest

Soukup doesn’t hide anything in this book.  She exposes her flaws, dark times in her life, and her struggles.  I so appreciate this.  She did not write the book as someone who has it all together.  She, just like most of her readers, is doing the best she can.  Yay for honesty.

More Info about Unstuffed

If you’d like to read Unstuffed, it’s currently on pre-order at Amazon for $9.89.  It will be released April 5, 2016.

If your life feels out of control or you just would like a simply, more enjoyable life, I can’t recommend this book enough!

5 out of 5 stars on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.

I received the book for free for review purposes but received no other compensation.  All opinions are my own.




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