PB & J Girl (5) loves to wear girls cute clothes like dresses and skirts.  She wants to take ballet class, and as soon as finances are stabler, we’ll enroll her.  Meanwhile, I try to make sure she has some adorable, girly skirts to wear like a girls reversible skirt.  She has recently fallen in love with a reversible skirt  like this because she loves that it mixes and matches with so many of her clothes and that she can wear whatever side better suits her mood that day.

IMG_3468Recently, we were given the opportunity to review a TwirlyGirl Reversible Twirly Ruffle Skirt (pictured above), and my daughter loves it!  The skirt is very full, so when she spins, it flares out, which she also loves!

About TwirlyGirl

TwirlyGirl’s creator is Cynthia Jamin.  When she was young, she had her own unique sense of style and knowledge of what she wanted to wear.  Later, as a mom to daughters who were equally opinionated about their clothing, Jamin created reversible skirts for them.  When friends started asking where her daughters got the skirts, TwirlyGirl was founded!  The company has been in business since 2007.

In addition to making adorable clothing for girls, Jamin hopes that her reversible skirts for girls inspire confidence in the children that wear them.  Jamin confides that as a seven year old, she was abused while at sleep away camp.  To help other girls who may be in a similar position, Jamin plans on creating TwirlyGirl Foundation for Abused Children.

While that project is still in the works, TwirlyGirl does currently offer a TwirlyGirl School Fundraising Program which can help students raise money for their schools.

More about TwirlyGirl Skirts

IMG_3465TwirlyGirl is a step above other manufactures both in clothing design and delivery.  Our skirt came in an adorable roll.  They couldn’t wait to open it.The girls used the cloth that was used to wrap the skirt in to make a blanket for their baby doll.

The skirt itself is 96% polyester and 4% spandex.  Thanks to the two reversible sides, this skirt was warm enough for PB & J Girl to wear during this year’s very cold Chicago winter.  She simply wore leggings underneath.  I loved the pattern because it was so vibrant during the winter when everything is dull and gray.  Plus, it reminded me that spring was just a few months.

imageI have no doubt that she’ll continue to wear this skirt throughout the spring and summer.  In fact, she recently wore it to the park where the skirt also proved to be functional and sturdy enough for all of my daughter’s play ground climbing and bike riding.

Best of all, this skirt has a 1.5 inch soft waist band.  PB & J Girl is on the slight side, so most clothes are too big for her, but this skirt fit her perfectly.

A TwirlyGirl Discount

Now through April 14, 2014, TwirlyGirl is offering all Mom’s Plans’ readers a 15% discount on any order.  Simply use the code JoyTG12.  (Make sure to put it into the Coupon Code box at checkout.)

To see TwirlyGirl’s entire collection, shop here.


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