As I have shared my grocery bill each week on this blog, I have become aware that having two kids in paper diapers is MUCH more expensive than having 1 kid in paper diapers.

When my oldest daughter was born 21 months ago, we briefly tried to cloth diaper her. (We already had all the supplies because we cloth diapered my son from 6 weeks until he was potty trained one month before he turned 3).

However, some variables made it difficult to cloth diaper her—we live in a 3 flat apartment, and all floors share the same one washing machine. Our new neighbor had an elderly dog that was prone to accidents, several a day, so it was not uncommon for her to monopolize the washing machine for a few days at a time. That does not work so well when cloth diapers need washing. Also, we figured the laundry cost we had to pay ($1.75) per load, was not that much cheaper than buying paper diapers on sale.

Now that we have two little ones in diapers, I am feeling the pinch as much grocery budget routinely is $90 to $100 a week. Also, my neighbors dog has passed away, so she hardly ever uses the machine now.

So, I have decided to experiment in the month of August. I will cloth diaper my girls the entire month with the exception of the five days we will be visiting my mom. I will also use paper diapers for night time. (That will only be two a night as both girls sleep through the night.) At the end of the month, I will add up the cost and time difference.

I should state that my husband is generally not on board with this. He is finishing up his Ph.D. and thinks we are already too busy to mess with cloth diapers. We will see what he thinks at the end of the month. I will report back in early September.

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