100_4461I don’t know if I’m the only one, but neon egg dye kinda freaks me out.  Instead, I went searching on Pinterest for a different way to decorate Easter eggs.  I came across Housing a Forest’s Melted Crayon Easter Eggs and decided it would make a fun craft to do with the kids.

I’m not sure where things went wrong, but ours definitely didn’t turn out as cute as hers.

Instead of hard boiling eggs, we blew the eggs out (using this tutorial).  (I didn’t want to waste the eggs, and I thought if the decorated eggs came out cute, we could save them.)

The original recipe called for boiling the eggs and then decorating them with crayons so the eggs would be hot enough to melt the crayons, but when I tried to do it that way, the eggs were too hot for my little ones to handle.

I tried running the eggs under hot water, but that wasn’t hot enough to melt the crayons.

We even tried to use a blow dryer to heat up the crayons.

100_4458I thought the whole project was a bit of a failure, until I looked at how excited my kids were.  They were having a great time, and trying to find a way to melt the crayons just added to the fun.

They didn’t care that the eggs didn’t look that good and certainly didn’t measure up to the Pinterest pictures.  They just enjoyed doing the activity.

Sometimes I think we moms need to stop trying for perfect and beautiful and instead just enjoy the moment, just like our kids do.

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