Wow.  I have only been doing this for four days, but it is eye-opening. 

My one year old was up quite a bit last week with two bottom teeth breaking through.  I was getting about 5 hours sleep a night.  She had two good nights of sleep after the teeth broke through before she caught her brother’s cold and was up with a 101 degree fever.  I am completely exhausted and have been reaching for sugar, sugar, sugar, to get me through the day.  I know, it is a bad habit healthwise.  Now I realize it is also a bad habit financially. 

Here is the damage:

May 1st

$110 DS’ Japanese school tuition

private–tithes (paid the entire month’s worth)

$23.72  Pizza Hut (my son had a reading certificate for a free pizza that expired on 5/1, so we decided to take the whole family out to eat)

$4.82 junk food

1.00 laundry

May 2nd

$67.16 4 boxes of Huggies diapers

May 3rd

8.62 lunch at Noodles & Co. (I had a dentist appointment that ran very late because they took an emergency client before me)

2.42 junk food

1.00 laundry

May 4th

$8.12 for 3 Mother’s Day cards (why are they so expensive?!)

$15 for Mamapedia voucher for flowers for Mother’s Day

4.50 laundry

Total spent thus far:  $246.36.

How are you doing tracking expenses?  Feel free to link up your blog post below, or leave your progress in the comments.

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