USAopoly Review

At 11, Bookworm loves board games.  The girls are 6.5 and 5, so with some help from us, they can usually play, too.  (We usually form teams with my husband and PB & J Girl on a team and me and Cuddle Bug on a team so they have a chance to play, too.)

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Last year, we got a game from the Crew to review that we loved, so when the opportunity came to review two new board games, Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game and Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone, we happily said yes.

Both Wonky and Tapple come from USAopoly, and each retail for $19.95.

About Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game

USAopoly Review

We loved this game!  Wonky consists of 52 game cards and 9 blocks in three different colors–blue, green, and purple.  Each color block comes in three different sizes–large, medium, and small.  The trick is that the blocks are not flat on all sides.  Some sides have a gentle slope.

At the start of the game, players (the game is recommended for those 8+) are each given 7 cards.

The cards state what cube you’re able to play.  For instance, you might get a card with all three blue blocks, which means you can play any size of the blue blocks when it’s your turn.  Or, you could get a card that shows just the medium green block, which means you can only play that color and size block.  Some cards also let you pass your turn (very helpful when the tower is tall and will likely fall over on the next play) or reverse the order of players.

Each person plays a card and puts on the appropriate block.  The object is to NOT be the one to topple the stack of blocks.  If you do topple the tower, you must immediately draw three more cards.

The winner is the person who has no cards left.  Another way to win is to be the person who stacks the 9th block, though I think that must be very, very rare.

About Tapple

 USAopoly Review

Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone is also for those 8 and older.  In this game, a player chooses a card that has two categories on it, for instance, “In the yard or garden” and “plants and trees.”  The player chooses the one they’d like to use, say plants and trees.

Then, the player clicks the red timer in the center of the game and must say a plant or tree, for instance, elm.  He pushes the “e” key down, and now the “e” is out of play.  The player resets the timer, and the next player might say, “maple” and push the “m” key.  Now “e” and “m” choices are no longer allowed.  Play continues like this until all the keys are pushed or a player can’t come up with a word for the category that begins with one of the remaining letters still available.

This game is very fast-paced and a lot of fun!

How We Used the Games

On the weekends, we often have time to play games on Sunday afternoons, so for several Sunday afternoons, we played these two games.

Overall, my husband and I and the kids loved these games.  PB & J Girl (6.5) sometimes got frustrated with Wonky because she tried to quickly put the cube on the tower without using much strategy.  Usually, the tower would collapse after this.  Like I said previously, she was a bit young for the game, so I think she’ll do better when she develops a bit more fine motor skill and concentration.

We all loved Tapple, though Bookworm was definitely challenged because it’s hard for him to think on his feet with a timer ticking.  I think this game will help him work well under pressure.  Also, as the kids get older, I can see them growing into this game.  I’m already planning to have an adults game night using Tapple when my mom comes to visit.

I was one of 100 reviewers to try out Wonky and Tapple.  To read more reviews, click on the link below:

 USAopoly Review

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