Kinder Cottage Review
There’s nothing more Cuddle Bug (4) loves than snuggling together and reading a good book.  We recently had the opportunity to review two Peter Rabbit books from Kinder Cottage PublishingPeter Rabbit at the Farm and Peter Rabbit’s Christmas.  We loved both of them, but I especially enjoyed the Christmas book because I hadn’t heard of that title before.

About Kinder Cottage Publishing

Kinder Cottage is owned by a married couple, Howard and Ann, who have four young sons.  They wanted to make sure that their children grow up with a love of western civilization, and what better way to do that then publish the books themselves.

Kinder Cottage Review
In addition to 10 books in the Peter Rabbit series, they also have a Wizard of Oz series (which might make a great Christmas gift for Bookworm).  They also published two books written by Howard’s mother, and now they’re working on a completely original series about the 10 most influential people in the history of England.

About the Peter Rabbit Series

The original Peter Rabbit books were written almost 100 years ago, so Kinder Cottage thankfully took the liberty of changing some of the more antiquated language.  For instance, they replaced the word velocipede with bicycle.  This makes the books easier for young children to understand.

The Peter Rabbit series is intended for children ages 3 to 9.  I read the books to my girls, ages 4 and 5.5, and they both loved them.  They especially loved the colorful full page pictures that are on the right side of every page.  However, Bookworm (9) later confessed that he had also snuck off and read the books and enjoyed them.

What I also enjoyed is that the prices are quite reasonable.  The Peter Rabbit books, which are sturdy hardcover, are only $4 each.

Peter Rabbit at the Farm

Kinder Cottage Review
In this story, Peter Rabbit sneaks out when his mother isn’t looking.  First he runs into Pollie Possum, spilling her fruit.  Then he meets Little Goosie Poosie who doesn’t have enough water in the pond to swim in.  Peter figures out that the muskrats are causing the problem and fixes the problem.  Later, he goes with Goosie Poosie around Mr. McGregor’s farm, and then the adventure really begins!

My girls were captivated by the story and kept trying to guess what would come next.

Peter Rabbit’s Christmas

Kinder Cottage Review
The girls preferred this story because it was about Christmas presents and Santa Claus.  I preferred this book because even though Peter disobeys his mother and goes out when he’s not supposed to, he doesn’t get into any real trouble.  Instead, while he’s wandering around the forest, a girl riding in a sleigh plucks him up for a ride, and they end up at Santa Claus’.

Peter has an adventure at Santa’s including riding in a toy car before Santa gives Peter presents for himself and his brothers and sisters.  When he returns home, his mom is so happy to see the presents that Peter doesn’t get in trouble.

Other crew members received copies of other Peter Rabbit books in the series, so be sure to check out their reviews, too.

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