Super Teacher Worksheets Review
My kids have a variety of learning styles.  Ironically, the one who most enjoys hands on activities (PB & J Girl) also loves doing worksheets.  When I was given the opportunity to review Super Teacher Worksheets, I thought I would use it primarily with PB & J Girl.  Imagine my surprise when I realized this amazing site would benefit all of my kids!

For review purposes, I received the Individual Membership, which is $19.95 for a full year and gave me full access to all the printables on the site.  Although this site is primarily for kids in preschool to 5th grade, I even found some worksheets that Bookworm, who is in 6th grade, could use.

About Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets is an amazing site that has over 10,000 worksheets available!!  They are also slowly adding worksheets for middle schoolers.

In addition to the worksheets they have already created, they offer a worksheet generator so you can generate your own worksheets.

Another great feature is that they have translated many of their worksheets into Spanish for users whose primary language is Spanish.

Subjects include:

  • math,
  • reading & writing,
  • phonics,
  • grammar,
  • social studies,
  • science,
  • spelling, and
  • holiday and seasonal printables

How We Used Super Teacher Worksheets

There is simply so much material on this site I feel like I’ve only begun to scratch the surface despite having used the site for several weeks now.

Super Teacher Worksheets ReviewI found a lot to use with Cuddle Bug who is in kindergarten.  Although she loves, loves, loves being read to, she is resistant to learning to read herself.  So, I printed off  letter worksheets for her.  Each day she would do two different worksheets for the same letter.  She would happily do this for about 30 minutes while I worked with PB & J Girl as she learns to read.  I plan to continue using these sheets every day.


Also, PB & J Girl is currently doing Math-U-See’s Alpha book, but she’s halfway through and just completed addition.  I stopped her at this point because she needs to learn her math facts before she moves on.

Although she does computer programs every day to help her master the math facts, she missed doing math worksheets, so I printed off some from Super Teacher Worksheets for her to do.  There were even simple domino math worksheets that I printed for Cuddle Bug.  We worked on them together, which helped her gain confidence in counting to 20.

Super Teacher Worksheets ReviewFinally, Bookworm learned to write in cursive in 3rd grade, and I’ve had him complete cursive workbooks for the last two years.  Now, he is quite proficient, especially since he writes many of his assignments in cursive.  Still, he wanted to practice some letters that he doesn’t use often like uppercase “Y” and “Z”.  I didn’t see the point in buying a workbook for that.  Luckily, I could just print off worksheets from Super Teacher Worksheets.  Bookworm liked these pages better than a workbook because there was more room to practice the letters individually.

What We Disliked About Super Teacher Worksheets

Honestly, we love this site.  I plan to continue using it.  (I’m looking at some fall addition worksheets for the girls for next week.)

I only had two dislikes, and they are minor.  First, the site can be overwhelming because there is so much to choose from.  Honestly, I’m not sure how this problem can be fixed, and it’s a great problem to have.  Who can complain about too much material?

Second, we loved the cursive worksheets, but I wish there were also some worksheets that didn’t just focus on the individual letters and a few words that start with that letter.  I wish that there were a few sheets that had an entire passage for a child to practice writing.

Other Great Super Teacher Worksheets’ Resources

Also, be sure to follow Super Teacher Worksheets’ Facebook page.  There, you will find information about the latest worksheets being created, reminders about seasonal worksheets that are available, and a chance to win great prizes.  In August, Super Teacher Worksheets gave away books 1-28 in the Magic Tree House series; in September, they are giving away Snap Circuits Extreme – Deluxe Science Kit.

I was one of 100 people to review this site.  For more reviews, click on the link below.

Super Teacher Worksheets Review
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