Are you always searching for fun, creative games to play with your children?  We are.

We recently got to try the game Snake Oil ($19.99) by Out of the Box Games, and we loved it!

Out of the Box Games Review

About Out of the Box Games

I’ve heard of a few Out of the Box Games previously.  Bookworm is studying for a geography bee that will take place in December, and one of the parents highly recommended geography games produced by Out of the Box Games including 10 Days in Africa, 10 Days in Europe, and several others.

(Ssshh.  I was planning on getting Bookworm one of those games for Christmas, and now that I’ve tried and enjoyed Snake Oil, I will definitely buy him another game by Out of the Box Games.)

Out of the Box Games strives to create games that can be learned quickly, are fun to play, and can be played in less than an hour.

Snake Oil meets all of these criteria.

About Snake Oil

Snake Oil is recommended for kids 10 and up.  The game gets its name because in the 1860s, the Chinese workers working on the railroad used Snake Oil to soothe their aching muscles.  As Snake Oil became more popular, other companies created a product they called Snake Oil but that actually didn’t contain any snake oil.  Because of this experience, those who make false claims are often called “Snake Oil Salesmen”.

Out of the Box Games Review
When you play Snake Oil, you draw 6 cards that have random words on them like “whistle”, “gum”, “spit”, etc.  One player also picks a character card like “super hero” or “cheerleader.”

The person who picks the character card lays it down before him.  The other players now must choose two cards from their hand to create a product perfect for the character.  For instance, when we played, Bookworm’s character was “politician.”  I combined the words “whistle” and “glue” to create the product “Whistle Glue.”  When someone in government isn’t cooperating or behaving as he should, a politician could use “whistle glue.”  Once he whistled, the glue would come out and envelope the person who was misbehaving, and he wouldn’t be freed until he promised to behave.

After the player with the character hears every other player’s pitch for the product they created, the player chooses which product he wants.  The player whose product was chosen most often during the round is the winner.

This game is suitable for 3 to 10 players.  It’s a quick game if you’re playing with 3 players.

Our Experience Using Snake Oil

We had fun as a family playing this game.  Bookworm (10) was on his own, my husband had PB & J Girl (6) as his partner, and I had Cuddle Bug (4) as my partner.  For the most part, the girls just helped by choosing which product they liked best.

One round for us was over in about 10 minutes.  Both Bookworm and my husband would have liked the game to last a bit longer.  We ended up playing several rounds in a row.

We all loved that the game was wholesome and funny.  (Some of the products players create can be humorous such as “Rainbow Spit” for a cheerleader.  When she spits, it’s not gross because a rainbow comes out of her mouth.)  We also enjoyed that it was such a creative game and let the players practice their communication skills and power of persuasion.

I’m sure we’ll be playing this game frequently.  Bookworm is already planning to play when grandma comes to visit at Christmas.

If you’re looking for a wholesome, entertaining game, I highly recommend Snake Oil.

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