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Bookworm (12) is at an age where an e-mail account would be good for him, but we never set one up because of the endless spam and other concerns.  However, when the Crew recently had a chance to try the Annual Subscription to, I happily said yes.

To our surprise, has been a hit with all of the children in our household.  I have to say, I love it, too!

About has so many fabulous features!

kidsemail1Parents can go in and set up safety features for their children’s account.  You get to decide if your child can send to and receive e-mail from anyone or only from a list of approved contacts.  You can choose if the child can receive and send images.  You can also choose what hours your child is allowed access to e-mail, if you so choose.  Another feature I liked is that you can choose to receive a copy of every e-mail that your child receives and that they send.  The parent options for the child’s account allow you to choose how much freedom to give your child, and the makers of have considered everything as far as security goes.

You can easily adjust your child’s settings, so if they prove to be responsible with e-mail, you can loosen the reins a bit and give them more freedom.

There are two types of e-mail available.  For younger children, you can choose the address  kidsemail2I chose this for my girls (7.5 and 6), and they loved that the e-mail had a princess on the screen.

For older kids like Bookworm (12) who might not be as thrilled with a address, you can choose, which is what we chose for Bookworm.  kidsemail3This screen has a much more mature feel.

More about

If you’re interested in for your child, you can sign up for free with no obligation.  If you decide to continue, there are two pricing options.

You can pay $38.95 a year, which comes out to $2.99 a month plus a free month.

Or, you can pay $4.99 monthly.  As part of your subscription, you can have up to six kids’ accounts!

How We Used

The girls used to send e-mails to their grandma who lives more than 2,000 miles away.  They loved sending and receiving messages. also has a feature where you can draw a picture online and attach it to the e-mail.  The girls loved doing that!

I found the e-mail even more useful for Bookworm.  He also sent messages to his grandma, but he used it in a variety of other ways, too.  Since he’s a history buff, he signed up for a daily e-mail from History to tell him what happened this day in history.  He also sent and received messages to and from his co-op teacher.  Finally, he sent me assignments to grade, and I could send him his work for the week.  We loved it! Annual Subscription
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