Happy Kids Songs Review
PB & J Girl is almost six, and she loves music and dancing.  The trouble is finding music that she likes but that isn’t too mature for her.  Recently we had the chance to review Happy Kids Songs, which is music she and I both enjoyed.

Happy Kids Songs Review

We were able to review three albums as well as the Happy Kids Songs Workbook:  Hands on Activities to Build Character, Social & Emotional Skills.

We reviewed the following three albums:

Happy Kids Songs Review

Friends & Sharing (Set 1–$4.95)

Includes the songs:

Sailing on the Seven Cs

Everybody Wants to Find a Friend

Sharing Friends

Happy as Happy Can Be


Happy Kids Songs Review

Happiness & Attitude (Set 5–$4.95)

Includes the songs:

Shake It Out and Dance

Who Knows What’s a Kudo?

I Don’t Understand

Be Good to Yourself

Better Together

Happy Kids Songs Review

Manners & Character (Set 6–$4.95)

Includes the songs:


The Magic Word


The Golden Rule

Six Little Kids


More About Happy Kids Songs

These albums are ideal for ages 3 to 8, though kids from 0 to 9 would probably enjoy them.  Bookworm is 10, and he was a bit too old to really enjoy these, but PB & J Girl and Cuddle Bug (4.5 years old) really enjoyed them.

The albums are available for MP3 or mobile device download, or you can burn them onto a CD, which is the recommended method.  We weren’t able to burn them onto a CD due to our move, but now that we are more settled, we plan to do that so we can listen to the music in the car.

The book has lyrics for the song as well as activities.  These are available for free on the website for each album, but some people prefer to buy the book (available on Amazon currently for $12.56) to save the hassle of printing all of the pages and to have all the material in one bound book.

Happy Kids Songs has eight albums available.  Other choices, besides the ones we were able to review, include:

Social Skills & Bullying

Feelings & Fears

Practice & Success

Talking & Listening

Respect & Responsibility

Our Experience with Happy Kids Songs

I played these songs on my computer as background music when the kids were playing or cleaning up.  After just listening a few times, PB & J Girl started singing along.

The music is very catchy and contemporary, but unlike mainstream music, this music teaches kids how to handle situations they may encounter like bullying, teasing, and recognizing differences among people.

One of my favorite songs was “Quirks”, which is about the strange habits all of us have.  “Quirks are things that everybody’s got/Some got a few and some got a lot/and some are kind of cute, and some are not/People’s quirks take some understanding.”

PB & J Girl’s favorite song was, “The Magic Word” about saying please.  Her favorite part was the verse, “Can I please have some more?/Please pass the ketchup/Mrs. Hewitt, may I please have some more homework?”

???????????????????????????????Besides listening to the songs while doing other things, we also talked about the lesson in each song.  When we talked about them, I supplemented our conversation with the workbook, which PB & J Girl really enjoyed.

If you’d like to teach your kids manner, how to be polite, and how to get along with others, all while giving them entertaining, wholesome music to listen to, I highly recommend Happy Kids Songs.

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